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Process an eCheck

Using our Test Card Window

LedgerLink provides all the API scripting you'll need for obtaining a token and processing an eCheck. How you use those APIs are up to you. We've provided a Test Card Window to demonstrate a method of building up the JSON object that is expected by the API.

Step 1: Run the "Test Bank Account with window" script

Complete all the fields in the Debit Bank Account card window. If you'd like to simply test the functionality, QBO provides test account info in their  developer documentation.

Step 2: Click OK

That's it. The Debit Bank Account script will create a token for the account info, and debit the account. You'll see the JSON result. When "status" = "PENDING" you've succeeded!

Roll your own

You do not have to use our Debit Bank Account card window, of course. You can build up and package the required JSON any way you'd like. However, never store credit card information in FileMaker! Always enter in global fields and clear immediately. You may further customize the workflow for processing an eCheck, perhaps integrate it with the Payment on an invoice workflow.