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QuickBooks Online Tables

QuickBooks Online has two different kinds of tables.  Actually "Tables", is the wrong term, because some of them might have two of what we in the FileMaker world would think of as Two Tables.  For example "Invoice" has both the Invoice and Invoice Items.  They are broken up into two groups: Transactions and Name Lists.

Transactions - These are things that represent a transaction between the company and customers, vendors, or employees . An exchange of goods for money for example.  These can usually be deleted.

  • Bill
  • BillPayment
  • CreditMemo
  • Deposit
  • Estimate
  • Invoice
  • JournalEntry
  • Payment
  • Purchase
  • PurchaseOrder
  • RefundReceipt
  • SalesReceipt
  • TimeActivity
  • Transfer
  • VendorCredit

Name Lists - these are things that represent the all the Lists of things in your company file.

  • Account
  • Budget
  • Class
  • CompanyCurrency
  • Customer
  • Department
  • Employee
  • Item
  • PaymentMethod
  • TaxAgency
  • TaxCode
  • TaxRate
  • TaxService
  • Term
  • Vendor