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Licenses are required to connect to your QBO account. You can purchase a license for a Single QBO Account, 10 QBO Accounts or 25 QBO Accounts. If you are a vertical market solution provider, we also offer a license that allows for connections to unlimited number of QBO accounts. Each license fee is per year.

Steps to Get a License Key

  1. Click "Buy a License" link on the LedgerLink Dashboard.
    This link will take you to the Geist Interactive LedgerLink product page.

  2. Select a License Package and click Buy Now
    You can choose how many accounts you wish to connect to QBO. There is also an option to download a free Demo License that will let you connect to your QBO account for 14 days. If you are the developer of a vertical market solution, we have an option for you as well.

  3. Complete the purchase
    Copy the License Key that appears on your Purchase Receipt. Download the LedgerLink.fmp12 file if you haven't already.

  4. Enter the License Key
    Paste the copied License Key into the field in Step 1 on the Dashboard screen of LedgerLink.

You will receive the following emails after you purchase a license:

  • Purchase Receipt
    This email has a link to download the LedgerLink.fmp12 file and your license key. There is also a link to access your Geist Interactive account and view your Purchase History.
  • Your Geist Interactive Username and password
    A second email is sent if you just established an account with us. This email contains, as the subject suggests, the credentials to your Geist Interactive account.