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LedgerLink API

Purpose of LedgerLink API

The folder contains all the scripts that know how to get data from FileMaker and how to write data received from QBO to FileMaker. 

These scripts are wrappers for to either send to or get data from QBO and save into FileMaker. They call the scripts in the Private folder. Many of our customers requested the option to sync a single record and so we've added individual public scripts for several of the enties to support this functionality. For example, you can send a single invoice by called Send Invoice ( FmId) and passing the record's FileMaker Id. This script will send the Customer if it does not yet have a qbo_id. It will also send the Items referenced in the Invoice Lines, if they do not yet have a qbo_id. This needs to happen or QBO will reject the Invoice. 

The scripts in this folder handle connecting to the target record and transactionally updating it.